The Benefits of Permanent Hair Free Skin

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Many women, as well as a growing number of men, believe that smooth, hair free skin is not only aesthetically pleasing and beautiful but also beneficial for hygiene reasons.

Intense pulsed light ("IPL") hair removal is the number one option for permanent hair reduction. You no longer have to fuss over shaving, waxing, tweezing or bleaching. You will be ready to wear your dress or bikini or singlet without worrying about your hairy legs, arms or back.

Why Remove Unwanted Hair?

Many men and women want to remove their underarm (or axillary) hair to not only look good but to reduce body odor. Bacteria can quickly multiply in the damp area of the armpit hair hence removing underarm hair results in less space for the bacteria to breed. It also increases the efficacy of your natural or organic deodorant and anti-perspirant products.

A person's confidence level drops when he or she is aware of their own body odor. Removing unwanted hair not only reduces body odor but helps toward maintaining cleaner, more hygienic skin on your face and body. Having smooth skin without unwanted hair poking out of your face, underarms or bikini bottom goes beyond aesthetics as it can help to boost a person's confidence.

That said, IPL is the preferred option for permanent hair reduction as other hair removal methods like regular shaving or waxing may actually irritate and damage the skin in the long term.


Winter is a great time for hair removal!

Because it's easier to avoid sun exposure and waxing before IPL hair removal. You'll also have more time to get the best permanent results with consistent treatments over a few weeks.

The Benefits of Opeau Rose Ice Cool Professional IPL Hair Removal

The Opeau Rose is the market leader in high quality DIY hair removal. It quickly and effectively removes unwanted hair on any part of your face or body, and is easy and convenient to use at anytime at home or on vacation. The unique ice-cooling function maximizes your safety and comfort, giving you professional salon results at a fraction of the price.

Learn more about Opeau Rose and the benefits of IPL hair home hair removal here.

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